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Come Visit  our Showroom and facilities to see why hundreds of Sportsmen and Women rely on us for their taxidermy and tanning needs.

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Our Location:

2036 Swift Creek Road

Smithfield, NC 27577

Retail Tanning
Bear Tanning                       $200-$300
Prep and Tan Hog Hides
Up to 100 lbs.                                 $175
100-200 lbs.                                   $275
200 lbs. and up                              $375

Price for hog tanning includes head and no feet-
Without head- Subtract-$40

Taxidermist Prepping
Deer Capes Turn all                        $25
Deer Hides - beaming down          $10
Boning Tails                                      $5
Turning/ Beaming small game   $10-20
Additional charge of $25 to skin animal if required prior to tanning
Bears require 3-4 hours of prep time prior to tanning at a charge of $50 per hour plus wholesale tanning costs.

Skinning Charges

Lifesize Deer and Bear                $100
Skin and Tan Coyote                   $150
$100 extra charge for skinning
a Big Game animal
Tailgate caping charge for deer     $25
Roughing out small game no feet  $20
Roughing out small game feet on  $25