Shoulder Mount       <10ft.$600,    >10ft $750
Life Size                     $500 per Linear Foot               

Rug or Hanging Skin

> 12ft- $50 Linear Foot

12-14 ft.-$75 Linear Foot

14ft> $100 Linear Foot 


Attention International Hunters !!!!!

Our Location:

2036 Swift Creek Road

Smithfield, NC 27577

Mounted Fish


on driftwood or panned
with nameplate

Bream or Crappie

on driftwood
Special Kid's Fish

on driftwood w/ nameplate

< 1 Pound
1-2 Pounds
2 - 3 Pounds
Fresh Water Fish
$14.00 linear Inch
Salt Water Skin Mounts
$15.00 linear Inch
Fiberglass Replicas
$16.00 linear Inch

Come Visit  our Showroom and facilities to see why hundreds of Sportsmen and Women rely on us for their taxidermy and tanning needs.

"Before Your Next Hunt, contact Eastern Carolina Taxidermy for your free, personalized shipping tags to ensure your trophies safe passage back into the United States"