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Shoulder Mount- $525.00                                Life Size Mount     $2,700.00

Shoulder Mount- $1600- $1800                           Life Size Mount   -$10,500
 Boar or  Wild Hog   

                 Shoulder Mount-  $550.00                                 Life Size Mount- $1200-$3500

             Lip cast Upgrade $50.00                                                                                    


Shoulder Mount  $1,200                                            Life Size Mount   $4,400
 Cow/ Steer   

                                                     Shoulder Mount  $1000-$1300                      
Domestic-  Shoulder Mount $700                                         Life Size $4000
Mountain-Shoulder Mount   $750                                          Life Size $4500 and up
Alaskan - Shoulder Mount- $1,800                                     Life Size - $9,500
  Shiras-     Shoulder Mount- $1,600                                     Life Size-  $8,500

 Mountain Lion     

Life Size -$3,400.00
 Musk Ox      

       Shoulder Mount-$1,300                                               Life Size- $5,500 and up

  Life Size-  $2,800.00     

Pedestal Mount Estimates available upon request.

North American Large Game Species

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